The APS Group has integrated FFEI’s RealPro Workflow to improve productivity and job accuracy of their printing business

We are pleased to announce that the APS Group – an international marketing and communications company – has been able to automate a number of their print tasks since introducing RealPro Workflow into its print prepress cycle.

According to Keith Welsh, APS Group’s Studio Operations Director (Group), the company moved towards FFEI’s innovative software to help automate as much of their print work as possible.

“We needed a solution to replace our current Kodak Prinergy Workflow and were looking for something that could easily integrate into our current systems and facilitate the delivery of Cip3 files to the presses and Cip4 to finishing.” Says Welsh. “We produce a lot of print so we need to be consistent in terms of quality and have the ability to automate as much as possible from our other systems (data, PDF delivery) whilst maintaining colour integrity and speed. We knew a large portion of our print could be automated (reprints).” Welsh continued.

APS Group integrates RealPro Workflow

RealPro Workflow System offers an innovative and practical approach to workflow with an open PDF architecture which suits digital, offset or hybrid printing, allowing the operator complete production flexibility and control.

RealPro Workflow is a unique PDF based print production workflow solution combing the very latest in workflow technology with powerful production tools.  Together these allow multiple users to control all aspects of job management from an automated central production solution.

The unique clean architecture uses industry standard JDF and PDF technology combined with the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) to offer fast, efficient and accurate processing of the most complex design content, including PDF transparency, ensuring complete job integrity and client satisfaction.

APS Group had looked at upgrading their current Kodak Prinergy Workflow but felt RealPro Workflow’s capabilities would be the best option to evolve their print setup. “Whilst Prinergy is a powerful prepress platform – we didn’t approach the process of purchasing RealPro Workflow with the mentality that we wanted to replace Prinergy with a like for like system. Certainly it had to get the jobs to plate quickly and accurately. However, we wanted to progress our systems and move forward – Realpro provides us with this ability.” Stated Welsh.

APS Group integrated RealPro Workflow with their existing workflow manager back in June.  “We intend to use data from our MIS to populate our workflow manager (Dalim ES). This will enable an automatic preflighting and proofing of all jobs. When ready the work can be released to RealPro Workflow, at which point either an auto pre-imposed pdf will be ripped or the work can be imposed in RealPro Workflow quickly and delivered to plate.” Welsh continued “We liked that we wouldn’t have to swap between Prinergy and Preps Imposition. We like the RealPro Workflow options and look forward to investigating these further.

The APS Group are an international marketing and customer communications company, enjoying strategic partnerships with global clients across many different sectors. Over 50 years ago APS Group was founded in the UK. Starting life as a mailing business, APS Group quickly matured into a reliable, high quality printer before diversifying into print management in the mid-1990s.

“Now we are 700-strong marketing and communication professionals. We speak 19 languages, across 23 sites globally. Individually we are as diverse as the services we provide. Together we make more possible. “concludes Welsh.