Delivering expert advice on performance standards and colour related components of total solution design


We have representation on a number of industry committees such as the ICC’s medical imaging device group. This knowledge, expertise and exposure to the wider community, ensures best practice and standards compliant technology is developed.

FFEI’s direct link into a range of standards driven initiatives also enables us to better understand client requirements and to develop a matrix on which to measure quality and performance of technology produced. Our understanding of colour and standards is so highly regarded that we also represent a number of industry leaders at key forums.

The table below contains links to a number of published articles concerning colour reproduction and management that were authored or co authored by Craig Revie, Principal Consultant at FFEI.



Buckley R, Woolfe G, Holm J, Revie C, “Color Management and the CIE: A Virtual Roundtable”, 75 Years of the CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer ISCC/CIE Expert Symposium, Ottawa, Ontario, 16–17 May,

Available on request

Revie C, “Flexible Color Management for the Graphic Arts”, Chapter 18 of “Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles”, edited by Phil Green (Editor), Michael Kriss (Series Editor), Wiley 2010.

The book can be purchased from Wiley

A preview can be read on Google Books

Green, Phil and Revie, Craig and McDowell, David Q. (2011) A virtual printer and reference printing conditions. In: Proceedings of SPIE 7866 Color Imaging XVI: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Society of Photo-optical instrumentation Engineers and Society for Imaging Science and Technology, USA. ISBN 9780819484031

A copy of the proceedings can be viewed from Spie digital library

Badano A, Revie C, Casertano A, Cheng W-C, et al: Consistency and standardization in medical imaging: a consensus report. J Digit Imaging, 2014.

A copy of the report can be viewed from Springer

Revie W C, Jackson P, Cheng W-C, Shires M, Yagi Y, McDowell D, et al. International Color Consortium draft white paper: Digital microscope test materials and test methods [Internet]. 2014.

A copy of the article is available from http://www.color.org

Revie W C, “Colour in Medical Imaging tutorial”, 2015 Colour and Visual Computing Symposium, The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory.

Only available to attendees the conference – copies available on request

Revie W C, Green P, “Current problems and perspectives on colour in medical imaging”, IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology, 14–18 February 2016 San Francisco, CA, USA.

A copy of the article is available from Ingenta connect

Badano A, Wang J, Van Hoey G, Cheng W-C, Boynton P, Flynn M, Deroo D, Hasegawa M, Nagy B, Le Callet P, Penczek J, Revie C, Samei E, Steven P M, Swiderski S, Matsui T, Yamaguchi M, “Gray Tracking in Medical Color Displays – A report of Task Group 196”, Medical Physics

A copy of the article is available from Wiley

Revie W C, Shires M, Jackson P, Brettle D, Cochrane R, Treanor D, “Color Management in Digital Pathology”, Dec 2014 · Analytical cellular pathology (Amsterdam).

A copy of the article is available from Research Gate

Brettle D, Treanor D, Revie C, Shires M, “Point-of-Use QA in Digital Pathology Slides”, Dec 2014 · Analytical cellular pathology (Amsterdam)

A copy of the article is available from Hindawi

Emily Clarke, Craig Revie, David Brettle, Michael Shires, Peter Jackson, Ravinder Cochrane, Robert Wilson, Claudia Mello-Thoms and Darren Treanor, Development of a novel tissue-mimicking color calibration slide for digital microscopy, 9 October 2017, Color Research & Application. Embargoed until October 2018

A copy of the article is available from Wiley


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