• FFEI’s digital imaging heritage

    A rich history of innovation across the
    digital imaging sector

  • 1947


    Crosfield Electronics founded

    John Crosfield formed Crosfield Electronics to design and manufacture press control equipment.

  • 1958

    First colour scanner

    The Scanatron is launched, which used CRT technology. This took up nearly a whole room!



  • 1969


    Magnascan launched

    The first in the Magnascan product range launched. The 450 drum scanner

  • 1974

    Acquired by De La Rue plc Group

    Crosfield Electronics Ltd acquired by De La Rue plc group



  • 1975


    Studio Systems launched

    Revolutionary Electronic Page Composition Systems, known as ‘Studio Systems’ capable of combining several images together and handling image retouching

  • 1989

    Dupont and Fujifilm joint venture - Dupont Fujifilm Electronic Imaging (DFEI)

    Dupont and Fujifilm joint venture to acquire Crosfield from De La Rue – DFEI



  • 1997


    Fujifilm acquire assets

    Assets of Crosfield aquired by Fujifilm to form Fujifilm Electronic Imaging

  • 2003

    Article about digital pathology 1st published

    1st journal publication on the topic of digital pathology that involved an FFEI manufactured scanner



  • 2004


    Cell counting imaging module

    FFEI releases design automated cell counting imaging module based on Trypan Blue exclusion method – CEDEX HiRes V1

  • 2004

    Inkjet research programme

    FFEI begin an inkjet research programme including Cambridge University



  • 2005


    Buncefield explosion

    Buncefield oil depot explosion – the former Crosfield building was badly damaged, with the FFEI Head Office being completely destroyed.

  • 2006


    Andy Cook, Julian Payne and Bob Wilson complete MBO and establish FFEI



  • 2007


    Caslon inkjet press launched

    Nilpeter launch Caslon in collaboration with FFEI

  • 2008

    Digital varnish technology showing

    FFEI work with Fujifilm on developing a digital varnish



  • 2009


    Edgeband project begins

    Project begins into the development of a digital inkjet edge band system – Jetline

  • 2009

    Whole slide digital pathology scanner launched

    Leica launches a whole slide, multi layer digital pathology scanner – SCN 400 – in collaboration with FFEI



  • 2010


    Xaar printhead programme

    Research project: Xaar 1002 printhead lifetime testing for label & packaging applications

  • 2010

    First combined fluorescence & brightfield scanner

    The first built fluorescence/brightfield combination scanner is installed by Leica



  • 2011


    Biognostix venture commences

    Entered 3 year EU funded venture, with seven partners, to research the fabrication of inexpensive point-of-use diagnostic tests for veterinary, agri-food and human health bio-markers.

  • 2012

    IME award

    FFEI awarded institution of mechanical engineers Best SME award



  • 2013


    Graphium - 1st hybrid label press

    Graphium – next generation label press is launched by Fujifilm in collaboration with FFEI

  • 2013

    Queen’s Award for Innovation

    Win Queen’s award for innovation for wholeslide digital pathology scanning technology



  • 2014


    Legato digital pathology research begins

    FFEI starts the Legato, UK government funded, research project to achieve ‘ultra high throughput’ in digital pathology scanners

  • 2014

    Colour calibration in digital pathology

    Government funded research into colour calibrating digital pathology scanners



  • 2015


    Xaar Print Bar System

    Xaar and FFEI announce digital inkjet ‘printbar’ development collaboration – 1st shown at Label Expo

  • 2017

    Printbar Uncovered initative

    Printbar Uncovered initiative launched at Labelexpo enabling OEMs to white label ready to market digital inkjet printbar technology



  • 2018


    Ventana DP200 slide scanner

    Roche Tissue Diagnostics launch the Ventana DP200 digital pathology scanner – digital imaging technology supplied by FFEI

  • 2018



  • 2019


    Sierra colour calibration

    Industry first – Sierra colour calibration technology for digital pathology announced