In order to stand out on the shelf, spot varnish treatments offer a visual pop! With Printbar Uncovered you can enable clients to offer new enhancements and help them win new business with brands.

  • Increase productivity

    Achieve high laydown at higher printing speeds

  • Run more complex jobs

    Produce mass customisation jobs using VDP instead of multiple screens

  • Twice the availability and uptime

    Short job changeovers resulting in higher operational availability

  • No screen costs

    Remove the costs associated with creation, setup, cleaning and storage

  • Rail mounted

    Integrate seamlessly onto new configurations or retrofit onto existing installations

  • Printbar Position

    Install anywhere along your web-based system to suit customer requirements

  • Present the benefits of hybrid label production

    Boost productivity, deliver high quality and opacity – faster with reduced wastage

Printbar Uncovered’s Digital ‘Screen’ Varnish application wrapper adds the wow factor!

Varnish embellishments provide the added value that brings labels to life. With Printbar Uncovered you can enable clients to offer new enhancements and help them win new business with brands

Creativity and innovation in this area, especially when used in combination with variable data can truly deliver the wow factor by creating texture, accentuating certain elements of the label artwork, adding an element of luxury to the look and feel of the label!

For label production, rotary screen has been the preferred choice – the thickness, flatness, texture and depth that provides the desired tactile, eye-catching quality to enhance shelf appeal.

Printbar Uncovered’s Digital ‘Screen’ Varnish application wrapper overcomes these challenges whilst delivering the smooth high laydown, quality finish required.


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High Laydown mode

100µm laydown at 25m/min

Spot Varnish mode

Up to 14µm opacity at 40m/min

Full technical specification

Key FeaturesFunctionLaydownSpeed
Print modesHigh Laydown mode100um25m/min
Spot Varnish mode10-14um40m/min
Min text size3pt or 5pt reversed
Fujifilm Uvijet inks:
Print width350mm or 410mm
Resolution360dpi, up to 720dpi, 8 grey levels
SubstratesOptimised for coated/uncoated paper, supported/unsupported film (PP, PE, PET) and foil.
Thickness range 40µm to 250µm
Print headsXaar 1003 GS12
Ink systemRecirculating high flow system
HMI/DFETIFF catcher DFE workflow and jobs database. Suitable for integration to wide variety of digital workflow systems including Esko Automation engine and Graphium Label Workflow.
Dynamic sync technologyProvides synchronisation to analgogue with dynamic adjustment of digital image size to ensure fit to analogue repeat length.