FFEI also strives to contribute to society through its activities in both the local and print industry community.


Providing exceptional quality and reliability

FFEI is committed to achieving unquestionable customer satisfaction by providing exceptional quality and reliability in everything we design and manufacture. Hence we are proud to maintain ISO accreditation standards, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO13485, which provide the starting point for our quality standards. Through a process of employee and partner engagement and appropriate investment, FFEI drives continuous improvements through all aspects of our corporate quality standards. Furthermore we maintain our leadership within the markets we serve and constantly exceed our customers’ expectations.

Sustainable development

Protection of the environment is at the forefront of our operating principles and FFEI maintains a long-term commitment towards sustainable development which underpins this. Therefore ISO 14001:2015 accreditation provides the framework for ensuring we maximise our efforts to reduce the environmental impact our business activities have on the planet. This includes carbon emissions reduction programs, waste management, and sustainable product design.

Corporate & social responsibility

FFEI seeks to support our industry in as many ways as possible.  We are active members of a number of industry bodies including PICON and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

We are also committed to supporting the local, vibrant business community, as we feel it draws in infrastructure, investment and talent. We are pleased to be both Hemel Hempstead Ambassadors and members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.