Graphium labels part 3: Industrial labels

At the recent IPEX show, we demonstrated how a wide range of different label applications could be printed on Graphium that were stunning to look at but fit-for-purpose.  This series of blog posts provides some detail on the label application printed.

Industrial labels

The properties and application demands of industrial labels are often much higher than other label applications. In particular, product and physical resistance properties are essential, with Graphium easily able to meet these demands.

Larger labels and decals are within the capability of Graphium, with very short run label demands, such as location or site-specific hazard and warning labels, easily accommodated.

Uvijet Graphium RA inks also feature excellent adhesion to the commonly used label stocks, and the vibrant inks, ideal for applications like warning symbols, offer two years light-fastness.

Over varnishing or laminating for added protection can be carried out in line on the Graphium press, although at IPEX 2014, these labels ran directly to the rewinder for converting off line.

Vital Statistics

Application: Industrial labels

Press: Graphium

Size: A4 decal sheet

Run length: 300

Finishing: Direct to rewinder

Substrate: UPM PE gloss white

Total print time: 16 minutes

Making it happen

The industrial labels converted at IPEX may not have had the ‘wow’ factor of some of the other label applications produced. But with regards to Graphium they represent some very important applications for a digital inkjet press.

Industrial labels must, above everything else, function.  They are important because they prevent accidents and inform people of specifications, contents, and warnings.  In doing so they have some very unique requirements.

A digital press producing industrial labels must be able to print on specialist materials with unique strength and adhesive properties. This is to insure they do not fall off.  In addition the industrial labels must be resistant to scratching, oil, water and light. It will be different depending on the application. Some industries need wet resistance, others heat or cold, others chemical.

Although Graphium may not be able to fulfill every requirement it has extremely durable inks (Fujifilm Uvijet Graphium inks) so it can lay down high film weight ink with excellent scratch, light, wet, and chemical resistance.

Vibrant, durable industrial labels

It also provides vibrant colour and adhesion, which allows  a vast range of materials to be selected. Because Graphium is non-contact process any substrate within 40-250um can be tested safely with no risk of damaging the engine. Furthermore Graphium has a greater range of tools than most digital presses ensuring you have the best chance of success with challenging substrates. These tools include Corona and LED inter-colour pinning on every colour. You also have the option to include coating or printing using Aqueous or UV flexo, either in front or behind the Flexo unit.

Combine this with options for laminating, turn bars, die cutting, profile cutting and the inclusion of shingling tables, makes Graphium a true production line for short run challenging labels such as industrial labels.