FFEI operates strict, quality managed, product development processes


Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. FFEI therefore operates strict, quality managed, product development processes. These provide both transparency and dependability in order to achieve product quality, cost and performance targets. Development flows through 3 distinct phases – product planning, delivery and sales.


In addition to the creative and innovative capabilities that we can bring to bear on partners’ projects, we never lose sight of the strict process controls and disciplines required for successful product development. Our NPI process significantly reduces time to market and provides robust quality products, which meet the market and end user needs. It also addresses those areas of a products life associated with product improvement during ‘sales & service’.

Added value

At each stage of a partnership project, we investigate the many ways to add value to the final product, whether it is the integration and adaption of existing technologies or focused research that enables complex processes to be carried out more simply. This philosophy ensures that we maximize the potential of our partners’ investments by exposing them to wide-ranging expertise and creativity.


Throughout our business, we follow a collaborative specification and test process, with 6-stage gates to ensure that partners benefit from rapid, high quality, customer-ready product design. At all times, progress is transparent through the ability to login, see illustrations, keep up-to-date and be involved.

The left hand side tasks relate to project definition, the items on the right relate to project test and integration tasks. A continual verification and validation of project definition tasks is made throughout the NPI process to ensure the final manufacture of a ‘fit-for-purpose’ product.

Standards orientated

Our longstanding pedigree has seen the establishment of advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, supported by systems and processes that meet or exceed demanding ISO standards, including ISO 13485 and ISO9001.

It is working to these standards that guarantee exceptional levels of ‘out of the box’ quality. No matter where our products go, or the journey they take, we strive to delight customers with our ‘plugin and go’ approach.


FFEI are experienced in supplying CE marked equipment, meeting the requirements of a range of European Directives including; the Machinery Directive, In-Vitro Diagnostic Directive, EMC Directive and RoHS Directive.  We also design and manufacture ETL listed products.

Our product technical files are created throughout the stages of the NPI process to evidence and support our regulatory claims. The regulatory requirements of our products is periodically reviewed, along with our extensive standards library, so our clients can rest assured that we meet the latest standards.


All of our solutions leverage our extensive IP library. Will look to keep ‘unknowns’ to a minimum, utilizing proven technology and applying it in innovative ways. Not only does they mean more accurate project costs can be quoted but also ensures a quicker time to market.


Every partner’s solution has unique needs that can only be delivered through intense collaboration and organic growth in our own detailed knowledge. We align our own, robust internal process with those of our partners. Our willingness to invest time and effort in the formation of seamless relationships – adding design creativity and flair to project challenges – has seen successful partnerships with major blue-chip players.



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