“Flexibility is key for us with this hybrid UV digital inkjet press”

FFEI Ltd, the global developer of award-winning digital imaging solutions, today confirmed that a Graphium hybrid UV digital inkjet label press, had been installed at Tailored Label Products (TLP), a Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin-based engineering-focused label manufacturing company providing high-performance labels since 1984.

Graphium is the 3rd generation inkjet label press to come out of FFEI’s 10 year’s of Inkjet innovation. Built from market leading technologies and engineering expertise Graphium is the first hybrid UV digital inkjet press designed specifically for labels, packaging and specialty print, and is a key addition to Tailored Label Products’ 60,000 square foot facility.

“We needed to add press capacity to meet rapid growth and increasing demand of our customers, while continuing to advance our digital printing capabilities,” said Jeff Kerlin, President and CEO, Tailored Label Products. “The Graphium allows us tremendous flexibility, combining the advantages of both traditional flexographic and advanced digital print technologies. We can run four colour process plus white digitally without having to make plates, saving time and money, plus add specialty ink like a metallic or specific PMS solid color using flexo print decks, and run it all in-line. Having that flexibility gives us a distinct advantage and allows us to stand-out within the industry.”

With up to six digital ink channels, the Graphium is a high-speed hybrid UV digital inkjet press that is uniquely positioned to offer ultra-high quality printing designed specifically to meet the challenging demands of the industrial label market.

“The durability of the graphics produced on the Graphium fits well into our product offerings,” adds Kerlin. “The labels we produce with UV inkjet are very robust, and the output needs to last for the life of the product we are producing. The durability of the labels the Graphium produces is outstanding, which had a huge impact on our decision (to purchase the Graphium).”

Soon after installing their new Graphium, Tailored Label Products had a rush job for one of the largest home improvement stores in North America. The job included digital four colour process and large solid areas best produced using traditional flexo. “With the Graphium, we were able to go straight to press, and we were able to turn this job very quickly,” said Kerlin. “We were fortunate to have the proper press; without the Graphium, we would not have been able to meet the client’s needs.”

Another recent quote supplied by Tailored Label Products to a new client included a large label program with variable data – unique identifiers printed on tens of thousands of labels.

“It would have been much more costly and time-consuming to supply this client with their variable data requirements without the Graphium,” added Kerlin. “There was really no other solution that would be as practical with regard to their extremely large quantity of unique ID labels.”

Graphium’s design, coupled with Fujifilm’s UV ink enables print providers to produce ‘fit-for-purpose’ labels, regardless of the application. The versatility the Graphium provides allows printers to optimize production and maximize profit on every job – increasing the profit margin on every label produced.

“Flexibility with the Graphium is a huge advantage,” says Kerlin. “The key features and benefits of the Graphium were major influencers for us, including the ability to print UV inkjet variable data, the die cut and the lamination stations, as well as the modular flexo decks before and after the digital print engine, and finally, the in-line finishing capabilities.”

“We wanted to work with an industry leader that we could partner with, and we have that with Fujifilm,” adds Kerlin. “We went all-in with Fujifilm, and we feel that Fujifilm has reciprocated. Their technicians have been great during the install, while also providing their on-going expertise on things like optimizing the press and colour management.”

Tailored label products install Graphium